Customer Support FAQ


Q: Is PayPal required for my membership?

A: Yes. Due to security concerns in dealing with credit card information online, we have selected PayPal as our banking representative. All transactions go through their trusted systems so our members can be assured of the best online security with their personal information.


Q: What portions of the paper are not included in my Premium Membership?

A: Due to licensing restrictions, we can only provide our iPaper readers with the portions of the newspaper that we physically print. Color comics, USA Weekend, and advertising inserts will not be included at this time with your iPaper, nor will any special insert we may run. As the industry begins to accept online readership more, we hope to see this change.


Q: How do I cancel my membership?

A: You may cancel your subscription through your PayPal account. Find the last transaction payment for your subscription and click Details. In the details page, click your subscription number at the top of the page, and there you will find a cancel button.


Q: How do I change my method of payment?

A: You may change your payment method through your PayPal account. Find the last transaction payment for your subscription and click Details. In the details page find the option for Subscription Funding Source and specify which funding source you would like to use for your membership.


Q: Do you offer quarterly or annual rates?

A: At this time we do not. We are always looking into our options for the future, so that may change at some point.



Q: I posted and event/photo/video, etc.. but it’s not showing up yet.

A: All submissions must be approved by a member of our editorial team before they may appear on our site. This ensures that spammers cannot post content which may be offensive to the general public, especially the younger readers. Please be patient and we will get to your submission.


Q: I can’t upload an .avi file, why not?

A: Our website allows our readers to share in the community journalism experience by giving you the ability to upload videos directly to our site to be shared with other members of the community. We have selected Adobe Flash as the method by which we will display videos because of it’s inherent abilities and cross-platform compatibility. Please convert your video to Flash (.flv files) before uploading. There are many free video conversion utilities you may download if you need one.


Q: I left a comment on a story and it shows negative points. What gives?

A: The negative points you see are how other users rated your comment, and have nothing to do with your Readership Reward points. The up and down arrows next to each comment give any registered member of our site the ability to rate a comment up or down. Negative points indicates that other readers rated your comment down, and do not in any way reflect the points you have earned for interacting with our site.



Q: How do I cash in my Reader Reward points?

A: You may purchase any gift available in our gift store at when you have enough points.


Q: How do I receive my gift?

A: You must pick your gift up at our offices after purchase. We do not mail gift cards out due to concerns about them being lost in the mail.


Q: What do I need to bring when I pick up my gift?

A: Please be prepared to show photo ID, and your confirmation email. This ensures we are giving the gift to the right person.


Q: Can I give my gift to someone else?

A: Yes. If you live outside of the area, and wish to use your Reader Reward points to give a local friend or relative a gift, please let us know the name of the person who will receive it in the notes when you place your order. They should be prepared to show the confirmation email and photo ID when picking up their gift.



Q: Why do you ask for my address when I register for an account?

A: We ask for security reasons. Because we are dealing with financial information, if we need to provide technical assistance later, we will need to verify certain information before making changes or adjustments to your account. It’s easy for someone to get your username, it’s much more difficult for someone to find your address and other personal information.


Q: I’d like to cancel my non-paid account, how do I do that?

A: We do not accept account cancelations. Simply put, there are a lot of headaches in removing a registered user account. If you will not be using our site any more, you are free to not log in, but we do not remove the account from our system. If you ever return to our site, your account will still be active.

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