Understanding Reader Rewards

What are Reader Rewards?

Reader Rewards are points that our web visitors earn as they interact with our new website. Any type of content you add to the site can earn you Reader Rewards.

How many points do I earn?

The points you earn vary based on the content you add to our site. Here is a simple breakdown of the pre-programmed points.

Becoming a registered user 10 points
Uploading a profile photo 5 points
Posting a blog 5 points
Posting a new event 1 point
Posting a community photo 1 point
Creating a social group 10 points
Posting to a social 1 points
Uploading a video 10 points

*As of September 30, 2010 premium members will no longer receive points for posting comments. An email has been sent to all premium members notifying them of this change.

Can I ever lose points?

Only if the content you added to the site was removed. The reasons for deletion vary, but can include libelous, obscene or inappropriate material, inane, arcane or off topic comments.

What are the points for?

Aside from acknowledging the top contributors to our community, Reader Reward points can be redeemed for gifts from local advertisers.

What about Premium Members?

Premium Members receive an additional 250 points per month at or near the first of the month.