Area JROTC gather for orienteering competition

Cadets from across Arizona who are enrolled in Army JROTC, Air Force JROTC, and the Civil Air Patrol met on April 20, for the first annual Kentucky Camp Orienteering Meet. Kentucky Camp is located in Santa Cruz County, near Sonoita. 

Orienteering is a land navigation competition. Armed with maps and compasses, teams consisting of two cadets race across the desert searching for certain control points on the map. At each control point, cadets will find a hole punch of varying shapes that they use to stamp a score card. All teams have two hours to find as many control points as possible and return to base camp.

“Orienteering takes solid map and compass skills and combines it with endurance running,” said Cadet Jose Capestany, a participant from Buena High School Army JROTC. “A good orienteer will have the physical stamina needed to race up and down hills, solid navigational skills, but above all else, they are smart. We need to be able to plan a course to reach as many points as possible and make it back within the two hours. I love orienteering, because it combines physical and mental skills!”

The Kentucky Camp Orienteering Meet was hosted by Sierra Vista’s own Buena High School Army JROTC. Many of their cadets coordinated and led the meet while others acted as participants. Participating cadet programs include: Rio Rico High School, Sahuarita High School, Agua Fria High School, Cienga High School, Alhambra High School, Catalina High School, Dobson High School, Tombstone High School, Ceasar Chavez High School, Tombstone High School, and Squadron 107 Civil Air Patrol.

Cadet Captain Tyler Lacy and Cadet Captain Kayleigh Barnett of Buena High School were the best team at the Kentucky Camp Orienteering Meet. Tyler Lacy said.

Story submitted by C/LTC Jesse Bustamante and C/CPT Madison Calendar, with photos by C/2LT Gavin Peterson.


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