Protest signs greet fort's main gate

Local group joins national awareness effort

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SIERRA VISTA — On a hot Monday afternoon, a dozen of people protested the use of drones  — unmanned aerial vehicles — by the United States. The group gathered across the street from  Fort Huachuca’s main gate.

It was part of a national protest which occurred at other military installations across the United States on Monday. At Fort Huachuca there is training for operators and maintainers in the U.S. military for drone programs.

During the 90 minute protest, one man, “David,” spoke with the protestors, agreeing on the need to ensure unmanned aerial vehicles are not be used to spy on American citizens, but he had no problem of targeting people other nations, including U.S. citizens, if they are betraying America.

On the other hand, an organizer of the Drone Ranger Action Committee of Bisbee, said she too doesn’t want America’s civil freedoms impacted by this new technology.

Mimi Ferraro added she has concerns about the lethal use of unmanned aerial systems by the United States in other nations, as well as expressing that the technology could be misused against American citizens within the borders of the United States.

See Tuesday’s Herald/Review for more on this story.

Wise Coffee Hou... on Mon, 04/29/2013 - 4:56pm

Do the protesters live away from Sierra Vista? Obviously they do. If not,
though it be their right to protest, we do not condone any activity which
would make the Fort not welcomed, subsequently turning our city into a ghost

Sumtingwong on Mon, 04/29/2013 - 7:49pm

Protesters=people that don’t have jobs.

33Army on Tue, 04/30/2013 - 9:11am

Four to twelve protestors that don’t want to understand how Unmanned Aerial
Systems (UAS) save American lives! They received far more press and support
than they deserve. Some positive UAS aspects for both military and civilian
uses are: assist with search/rescue; provide intelligence (eyes); mitigate
injury/death risks of US military/law enforcement personnel; and cover larger
area faster and cheaper than past practices. Border security use of UAS
provides more efficient use of BP agents saving tax dollars. Just what are
these people doing to be worried about their privacy? The focus of the UAS
operator is to reduce/stop ILLEGAL entry into the USA, not spy on US
citizens. I agree that we need more people to become aware. Aware that UAS
systems are good for us!

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