Woman attacked by multiple dogs saved by Good Samaritans

SIERRA VISTA — A woman was transported to the hospital for injuries to her face and head after being attacked by several dogs just east of Sierra Vista on Wednesday.

The Sierra Vista Police Department, assisting the Cochise County Sheriff’s Office, and a witness to the incident confirm that the woman was walking her dog in the area of Risner Boulevard and East Central Avenue when she was attacked by no fewer than three dogs.

Area resident James Corcoran said he was drinking coffee on his porch on Central Avenue when he heard a commotion down the street.

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Hereford Steve on Thu, 12/15/2011 - 5:46am

It would seem like the handgun was more effective than other gentleman’s previous experience swinging a hammer.  It is also interesting that “There were like eight people there trying to get these dogs off her,” but it took another neighbor to come to the rescue with a handgun.  Only one out of nine had a handgun on them and the willingness to use it?  Disappointing.  I guess this area isn’t the "wild, wild, west" that some would make it out to be.  Bottom line: Good job good Samaritans!

just me on Thu, 12/15/2011 - 7:47am
Title: wild west?

Been my understanding that shooting a gun in a residential area is a violation of the law.  However, I would think the concern here was to save a life while risking that of others… 

My understanding also is that dogs are supposed to be under restraint or under voice command at all times in the county.  I thought Risner was in the county or has Sierra Vista annexed that area?  Regardless, enforcement of that law has helped in our area.  Maybe the residents need to be more vocal about the loose dogs. 

As for the wild west, it’s been gone for some time.  You might consider other less populated areas to set up one… Maybe you will take the local gang bangers with you and buy up property in a remote area and have your own version of cowboys and Indians.  <tongue in cheek>

oppressoliber on Thu, 12/15/2011 - 9:08am

"Been my understanding that shooting a gun in a residential area is a violation of the law."

I would like to point out your misunderstanding of the law. Please take the time to review ARS 13-3107, specificially ARS 13-3107C9. I opted not to quote it here in hopes you and others would take an interestt in reading it and knowing what the law actually states.

Ken Adams on Thu, 12/15/2011 - 9:37am

Sure it is illegal to simply discharge a gun, however, when doing so in self defense, it is legal. This is a perfect example of why it is a great idea to have a gun for personal protection. Without Mr. Corcoran’s quick thinking to grab his gun, how much further injury may this lady and/or her dog have sustained. Obviously, he had found that using a hammer previously did not do as much good. Well done, sir! Way to keep your neighborhood safe.

ted-pen on Thu, 12/15/2011 - 10:32am
Title: wild west?

I’m glad the Citizen with the gun wasn’t wondering whether his action was legal or illegal.  Why would we be able to own a gun in a residential area if we couldn’t use it; especially in a situation like this?  I’m sure the woman being attacked was glad someone took action and wasn’t debating the legality of his action.  It’s amazing what concerns some people.  I hope they find the dog owners and hold them responsible.

crazydoglady on Thu, 12/15/2011 - 11:45am

First off, residential area or not, something attacking me, if I have a gun, I’m shootin’!  Secondly, this probably isn’t "legal" either, but I saw a woman at a vet clinic whose dog had been attacked in a similar situation, she was walking her dogs, was surrounded, and her bigger dog took the brunt of the attack. My advice to her was, go to a gun shop and get a little canister of pepper spray, carry it when she goes out walking.  I would not go out (anymore!) walking my dogs around here without something, too many stray/ferral dogs, havelina, coyotes, and worse!  So, yeah, I may rescue dogs, and be crazy about them, but I don’t plan on being killed by any either, or have my dogs attacked by other peoples dogs running loose. And don’t even get me started about irresponsible dog owners. There aren’t enough hours in the day, dollars in the budget, room in the shelters for city, county, rescue groups to keep taking away dogs from these people, who will just turn around and get more dogs.  You just can’t fix stupid!  So it’s us and the dogs that pay the price.  I hope this lady and her dog are recovering from this attack, and again, way to step up neighbors and look out for each other.

Wildfire on Thu, 12/15/2011 - 9:37pm

It’s sad that two dogs had to be shot; GREAT that a MAN had the means and testicular fortitude to come to the aid of a woman in distress and danger!

If you have loved ones, whose lives are worth protecting: Stay armed and be safe.

"An unarmed man can only flee from evil, and evil is not overcome by fleeing from it." -Jeff Cooper

just me on Fri, 12/16/2011 - 7:45am

Thank you for this information.  For others, the law says and I quote:

9. In self-defense or defense of another person against an animal attack if a reasonable person would believe that deadly physical force against the animal is immediately necessary and reasonable under the circumstances to protect oneself or the other person.



dogmaah on Fri, 12/16/2011 - 10:51pm

First off, I hope the best recovery for the victim.  Second, the owner of the dogs that attacked the owner knew she was in the wrong for having her dogs unrestrained in a populated area, so she can’t complain about having her two dogs killed.  Had she cared enough for her dogs she would have taken the extra time to make sure they were safely restrained.

Too many people allow their dogs to run loose, may it be in the outside areas of Sierra Vista, Hereford, or Bisbee.  Bisbee has enough of a problem but the Police Department doesn’t make animal control their main concerin.   Too many people county-wide think they can let their unaltered animals run loose with the wind.  Now another woman has fallen victim because of the careless acts of another county resident.  If she really loved her dogs she would have practiced greater restraint, but she opted not to. Because of her negligence, a woman was injured and two of her dogs were ki

Hereford Resident on Sat, 12/17/2011 - 7:52am

 Just Me, since when is defending your self or others against the law. Yes you can break the law by firing a gun without cause but this plainly was well within the law. It amazes me how some people think that firing a gun is illegal. If it was then why even bother having the 2nd ammendment anymore? Why have a gun if you can’t ever fire the thing when needed? I am glad the neighbor had the guts to kill those dogs. I just hope the owner doesn’t decide to bring a lawsuit on him and if so I hope it is thrown out.

kyb4725 on Mon, 12/19/2011 - 5:52pm
Title: dogs

i remember 30 years ago when a bounty was paid and posses were formed to kill wild dogs, dogs that owners let run. these were shot by posses all the time.  ranchers were loosing cattle because the dogs killed them just for the fun.  there are a lot of people who should not dogs.  the animals are just status symbols for them.  i hope the lady recovers.

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