Sierra Vista Police work fast to solve prostitution case

SIERRA VISTA — Two people have been arrested on prostitution charges following a sting operation put together in a matter of hours by officers and detectives of the Sierra Vista Police Department.


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rickraton on Fri, 10/07/2011 - 4:30am
Title: curious

 It’s curious to me how quickly the SVPD was to release every last detail of this crime. They usually withhold information. How gleefull they must be.

I doubt that prostitution is all that rare around here. If they monitor Craig’s list at least one person and there may be more than one male frequently solicits women with pictures of money or offers of Ben Franklins. Some guy in Benson uses CL to solicit sex for "snow". Have seen women soliciting to find that "snow" man.

I guess not everyone calls the SVPD when they want to facilitate prostitution, but to suggest it is rare is like a frog in a well. 

Sumtingwong on Fri, 10/07/2011 - 8:44am

The SVPD cracked the victimless crime in hours.

S.V. Fire House Cat on Fri, 10/07/2011 - 9:57am

As it is the oldest professionion in the world, methods prosecuting it obviously have been fine tuned.

pjbStandard on Fri, 10/07/2011 - 10:42am
Title: Gimme a break

One must ponder why this incident was so easy to report every detail about, yet when the City is not the obvious hero, it’s like pulling teeth to get even the basic facts to understand what is truly happening in our community. I believe every thinking local  citizen isn’t convinced that prostitution around here is that rare. And since there is a HUGE drug problem in this area, and the two go hand-in-hand quite often, I’ll bet prostitution is much more common. We don’t see the arrests because no one is being investigated and arrested. Same goes for the horrific drug activity.

marciensv on Fri, 10/07/2011 - 3:22pm

Prostitution may be rare in SV and surrounding area. I don’t know much about
Craigs List. But I do know there is much free sex in the area. Its an
unspoken here but does exist. Most like to call it adult play or
entertainment. There are many adult sites. One I can think of off hand is
AFF. This area may be rural but it is not dead. If you think this area is
immune to crime, drugs, and free sex your eyes are closed.

dogmaah on Fri, 10/07/2011 - 5:14pm

Before the border fence was built and passports weren’t required, people simply took quick late-night trips down to Naco for paid sex.  Now that that option is a bit more controlled, prostitution has crossed the border.  Anyone ever been around Old Bisbee late at night?

Sumtingwong on Fri, 10/07/2011 - 6:05pm
Title: marciensv

Are you a member on AFF? I was but nothing worked out, too many just looking.

marciensv on Sat, 10/08/2011 - 2:35pm
Title: no

No I am not a member. Just wondering why if there is so much for free why
people even pay any more………it couldn’t be for drug money…the guy
brought some with him.

Sumtingwong on Sun, 10/09/2011 - 10:35am
Title: Beg to differ

That is a woman’s view that so much is free.

Rancher on Wed, 10/12/2011 - 5:52pm
Title: Marcie

Nothing is free, you either go out for a date and buy dinner/movie etc… or forget the foreplay, just give her the money.

What I don’t understand is why the SV Police has made this a priority, let the police stop the car thefts and other crime first.


Walt on Wed, 10/12/2011 - 7:39pm
Title: Amazing!

What is amazing is the amount of detail provided in the story. Why can’t this amount of detail be provided in important cases? Who cares about all these details in a prostitution bust?

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