Griffin will seek fourth Senate term


SIERRA VISTA — Incumbent State Sen. Gail Griffin has confirmed she will seek re-election in 2016 to her fourth term representing District 14 in the State Legislature.

Griffin, who served four terms as a state representative during the 1990s, said Tuesday there is “still a lot to accomplish” and the issue of federal intrusion in Arizona is too important to people in her district.

“People need to be aware that there is a lot going on,” Griffin said.

OPINION: Time for Ben Carson to run a real race

By Byron York


Ben Carson declared his presidential candidacy in Detroit Monday. Not a minute too soon.

The retired neurosurgeon and conservative star formed a presidential exploratory committee on March 3. Since then, he’s been traveling around the country in what might be called a non-strategic way — making paid speeches that he had longstanding commitments to give, appearing at events for his Carson Scholars Fund (which awards money to promising students around the country) and, in other ways, not directing any particular focus on the key early states of Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina and Nevada.

The fight against cancer celebrated in Sierra Vista

More than 500 turn out for Relay for Life


By Chris Fisk

For the Herald/Review

SIERRA VISTA — Well over 500 people touched by cancer convened in Veteran’s Park Friday evening for the 20th annual Relay for Life, a fundraising event put on by the American Cancer Society and local sponsors. Everyone involved is either a survivor, a caregiver for those with cancer, or in some way connected with someone affected by the disease.

AROUND YOUR TOWN for Wednesday, May 6, 2015


May 6

The Compassionate Friends will meet Wednesday, May 6, from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. at Faith Presbyterian Church, 2053 E. Choctaw Drive. The Compassionate Friends is a nonprofit, self-help bereavement support organization for families that have experienced the death of a child. For more information call Jennifer or Ed Shiver at (520) 458-1389, Judy Slarve at (520) 249-3110 or emailtcfsierravista@gmail.com. To learn more about The Compassionate Friends, visit their national website at www.compassionatefriends.org.

Buena track heads to state with 10 individuals and two relays

Meet today and Saturday at Mesa Community College


SIERRA VISTA — The Buena Colt track and field team qualified 10 individuals and two relay teams for a total of 20 entries for the Division I State Track and Field Championships today and Saturday at Mesa Community College.

Sprinters Mojave Nick, on the boys side, and Amber McCroskey on the girls, have the best shot at coming home state champions.

First things first is qualifying in the top eight to make it to Saturday’s finals, but judging by seeding times, both are favored to do so.

OUR VIEW: Privatize solid waste disposal


For most residents in Cochise County, solid waste disposal is “out of sight and out of mind.”

That is, once something gets put in the trash container, most people don’t think about what happens next. Even the monthly bill fails to raise any real awareness of all that’s involved in getting rid of what people discard.

That may soon change, however, as county and city officials gather May 12 to figure out what to do about the cost of running the Cochise County Solid Waste Department.

Board supervisors learned last month that even with a 5 percent increase in tipping fees at area transfer stations Cochise County will still need to kick in almost $350,000 to cover operating costs.

OUR READERS' VIEWS: Ducey summit


A statewide leadership summit, called by Governor Ducey will take place May 14 at the University of Phoenix Stadium. Arthur Brooks, representing the American Enterprise Institute (think Koch Brothers) is a featured speaker.

The Institute is one of about a dozen Koch groups that provide legislative bills for legislators, espousing the wishes of corporations who want an easier ride to the one percent. David and Charles Koch learned some time ago that they were not electable, due to their views. But this has not stopped them from their mission: presenting their agenda (think Bill Mill) through seminars for legislators at the state and local levels works just as well.

OUR READERS' VIEW: Appeasing a bully


Appeasing a bully will only encourage him. We need to stand up to the bully, Iran.

Secretary of State John Kerry urges congressional opponents of the emerging Iran nuclear deal to “hold their fire.” If they do, Iran will delay signing any deal until it is ready to fire at Israel.

It is estimated that they are only 2-3 months from breakout. If the agreement lifts sanctions without unannounced inspections verifying that they are keeping to the agreement, it will be very difficult to impose sanctions again. Russia is already selling Iran missiles.

OUR READERS' VIEWS: How to recycle glass


There was a recent comment in OYM where the reader asked why we can’t we place glass in the blue recycling bin so it could be sorted at the recycling center and sent to the landfill.

The material sent to the recycling center is hand sorted and glass would present a very serious safety issue for those sorting.

In addition, all material accepted at the center is actually shipped to other locations where it is recycled, not sent to a landfill. Sending glass to the landfill is not recycling! The good news is that Sierra Vista does provide a glass recycling program. But, it takes a little extra effort by our citizens to recycle glass.

Citizens Advisory Group organizes in Benson

Looking at alternatives to the tax hike


BENSON — Members of Benson’s business community have organized a Citizens Advisory Group to research and compile recommendations for the City of Benson regarding a proposed sales tax increase that will be going before City Council on May 11.

The group’s members include Mark Fenn, Dan Barrera, David DiPeso, Jim Gray, Lupe Diaz, Kay Daggett, Teresa Bennett, Kim Lockhart and Mahlon MacKenzie.

With a goal of finding other options to the proposed 1 percent sales tax increase, the group researched a number of factors and compiled recommendations for the city’s consideration.

The research process

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