Woman fatally shot at mobile home park


SIERRA VISTA — An adult woman is dead and another woman has been detained following a fatal shooting at a mobile home park in Sierra Vista this afternoon.
Sierra Vista Police responded to a call of a person with a gunshot wound at trailer 99 in the Los Arco Mobile Home Park, 650 Busby Dr., at 3:08 p.m.
The victim, a white woman in her 30s, was later pronounced dead. Police were still working to obtain final confirmation of her identity on Tuesday.
“We have one person we have detained and we have several witnesses that we’re interviewing at the police station. At this point, we don’t believe there is anyone else outstanding,” Lt. Chris Hiser said.
The person of interest was apprehended after attempting to hide from officers inside another trailer at the same mobile home park.

GOOD MORNING! We buy ink by the gallon, paper by the ton — there's always room


Readers are gradually warming up to the space on this page being available for good quality community event pictures, unusual nature scenes and beautiful landscapes.

Those are the three themes people seem to gravitate to when they send in pictures for the Around Your Town column.

Service clubs are also jumping in the game. Page A2 and sometimes Page A3 should be decorated every day with content our readers provide on what’s happening in this community.

Agenda portends quick meeting for county supervisors


A light agenda will keep the meeting of Cochise County Supervisors short on Tuesday.

Board members will accomplish 14 items of business with the approval of one consent resolution, then take up discussion on one action item.

Of interest among the items that will be approved by consent, Supervisors are calling on Arizona U.S. Sens. McCain and Flake, and U.S. Rep. McSally to designate Chiricahua National Monument as a national park. Doing so may increase tourism in the county, according to information received by board members.

OUR VIEW: One challenge of rural health care


Two recent news items have made it clear that one of the greatest challenges facing health care is providing services to rural patients.

Canyon Vista CEO, Dr. Dean French, told a town hall audience July 18 that through the end of April, 2015, the hospital has spent $4.8 million on its recruitment efforts. That sum is part of an $18 million budget planned for the next six years to attract new medical professionals to Cochise County and Sierra Vista.

The unfortunate news that Cochise Regional Hospital in Douglas has lost its reimbursement from Medicare offers a contrasting example.

LIVING: COACHING COMPASS: Leading through discomfort


As a leadership coach, I am always excited when a powerful question or statement crosses my path — or better yet, slams me in the face! I recently had such an encounter. Bestselling author and speaker Seth Godin got my attention when he stated, “If you’re not uncomfortable in your work as a leader, it’s almost certain you’re not reaching your potential as a leader.” Bingo! He was talking about the discomfort we feel sometimes as a leader. Furthermore, when we identify the source of discomfort, we have found a place where leadership is needed. His list includes:

• Standing up in front of strangers

• Proposing an idea that may fail

• Challenging the status quo

SPORTS: Reporting date inching closer for Cochise soccer

Women’s team opens the season at home Aug. 21


The Cochise College women’s soccer team doesn’t report to campus for the 2015 season until Aug. 8, but they’ve been in close contact this summer anyway.

Watching the World Cup has that effect.

Like everyone else, many Apaches players and coaches were caught up this summer in the U.S. team’s run to a Women’s World Cup title in Canada. That was enough to stretch the team’s bonds even through the summer’s off months.

OUR READERS' VIEWS: Questions answered


To the Editor:

Jacqueline O’Connor’s letter, “Hooray for homosexuality” in the Herald asked me a couple questions. She asked, “But, why is homosexuality a sin?” Homosexuality is a sin because it is against the way God created us. God condemns homosexuality. He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah. The Bible warns us of the consequences of homosexual acts (Romans 1:24-27; 1 Corinthians 6:9-10 and 1 Timothy 1:10).

She asked, “And please tell me the difference homosexuality makes other than the people involved?” Homosexuality does affect others; for example AIDS.

OUR READERS' VIEWS: Great job on the Fourth


To the Editor:

“Fantastic”, “amazing”, “wow” and “oooh” are words I heard while standing among many hundreds of people, young and old, on the evening of the 4th of July. Those comments were made because of the tremendous fireworks display put on by what has to be the most dedicated and the best pyro team in the state of Arizona. They are all volunteers, lead by Mr. Pat Call and his nearly 30 years experience, and his successor in study, Mr. Wayne Gregan.

Rabbi seeks to aid, educate local Jews

Derek Jordan

SIERRA VISTA — Following a recent visit to Sierra Vista and the surrounding area, a New York-based rabbi is investigating the possibility of relocating to the area to provide long-needed programs and services to the local Jewish community.

During his 10 day visit, which he called “remarkable,” Rabbi Ben Zion Shemtov said he met with more than 30 people from Sierra Vista, Bisbee, Green Valley and elsewhere in an effort to learn about the level of involvement they have in their faith and what kind of religious educational help he could provide to those who wanted it.

OUR READERS' VIEWS: Deserving thanks


To the Editor:

The city of Bisbee and all the residents and business people owe a great debt of gratitude to Pete Lawson, current owner of Turquoise Valley Golf and RV Park, and I personally think he should be honored in some special way for all his contributions to the area.

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